You guys have changed the way I eat my Dinner, Had got fed up eating the usual Dosa Batter, Me and My wife are working couple, not having time to come home and cook, the only option has been to pick up the Dosa Batter from our neighbour hood Niligiri Store and prepare our Dinner.

 In the last 2 weeks we have been eating your stuff, and I must say, it's been just brilliant, you guys have made me start enjoying my Dinner, good and unique varieties, it brings back memories of my Mothers food, keep it going guys, make sure you have enough supply at Niligiris Nelson Manickam Road, Next to Bata Showroom, I am excited and I keep buying every alternate day, come out with more varieties.

 Your stuff is like 'Food of the Gods'

March 16, 2017

Venugopal B Menon, Chennai

"At Freedom from Diabetes, we insist that diabetics consume Millets atleast once a day.

This is because many of them have higher micronutrient content and lower Glycemic Index which makes them an ideal grain for diabetes better than emmer wheat, brown rice, jowar or bajra. They are also very easy to cook and  great in taste... hence highly recommended."

March 28, 2017

Dr Pramod Tripathi, Founder, Freedom from Diabetes –

"Today we eat a lot of grains, often refined grains like white rice and maida which lack nutrition. SHARAN recommends unpolished millets instead wherever possible. Millets are more nutritious  than rice and wheat. They are gluten free. And they are also far more environment friendly, being hardy crops requiring less water"

March 16, 2017

Dr. Nandita Shah, SHARAN Auroville –